I found out about something yesterday which has stayed with me all through my working day.  I feel ignorant that I was unaware of it before, in fact somewhat foolish.  But beyond that I feel full of contempt.  What I have discovered is the practise of ‘soring’ in the USA, in particular in relation to […]

I was very excited and apprehensive about myprojecthorse and I’s first trip XC schooling.  I had been years since I’d gone near a solid fence and so it felt like we were both first timers.  I also, due to various circumstances, was going without the recommended lead horse so was relying on myprojecthorse’s good and […]

Issue April 24th 2014 of Horse and Hound contained an interesting article about riding scared, and the amount of us that are doing so.  This in its own makes for interesting and honest reading and something that I think all of us can understand.  However, what interested me the most was the discussion within the […]

  After nine months of carefully re-schooling of myprojecthorse, we started to slowly enter some Intro and Prelimary competitions.  Our standard of dressage was actually pretty good before we went out, with leg yield and shoulder in at trot well established. I am very lucky to live near some excellent venues for affliated and unaffiliated […]

After a thorough amount of time doing single poles, mounted and unmounted we naturally began to introduce the grid of four trot poles that would build us up to a single fence on the long side.  Any written comment about pole work always emphasises that the immense gymnastic benefit for the horse, particularly the dressage […]

I read with interest in this weeks Horse and Hound about China’s £45m deal to export thoroughbreds and sports horses.  Any regular news reader knows that we are seeing immense change in the emerging economies of  the world both culturally and financial.  The growth of the ‘middle classes’ in these markets is creating a global […]

My love of dressage may have previously articulated itself as a dismissal of jumping, but this is not the case.  The fact of it is that, myprojecthorse, at the grand old age of seven when I purchased him, had never jumped.  I am not too sure why this is, but it might be fair to […]